The Road to Eunique.


A message from JB Lierre


JB Lierre.

JB Lierre.

I've always been attracted to things that are distinct, one-of-a-kind – but also the concept of uniqueness. What makes a product unique, and why do we care about it?

Of course, I look at other parameters when I purchase a product: Function, design, reputation, history, reliability and value are all key. But for me, all of these characteristics should also contribute to a product’s uniqueness.

I like products that are crafted, not mass-produced. I like products where you can feel the design as much as see it. I like products that communicate the time and energy invested in their creation. I like products that connect the person who designed and made the product to the person who buys it. I like products that represent not only a final outcome, but also a process along the way. I like products that don’t live on a shelf, but rather improve how you live. I want something that feels like it’s been made for specifically for me – not for a generic public. I think these are the things we intuitively experience as uniqueness.

I came up in the music business in the 80s and 90s and I learned about international trading with my previous company, which was based in France and imported, distributed and resold high-end audio equipment. Uniqueness was a core value of that business and part of what made it successful. Our selection of gear was curated around that core value and our clients knew they could count on us to provide the finest selection of gear in their industry. So not only did they come to me for reliability, professionalism and value – but also because they knew that we pre-selected a range of products that represented the best of what was out there.

JB & EveAnna.

JB & EveAnna.

And this is how I met Van. She owns and has been running Manley Labs for more than 25 years now and I used to distribute her products in France. We quickly discovered we had more than just a mutual passion for kick-ass, high-end audio gear and over the years we became sister & brother from other mothers. Over these last 20 years, we adventured around the world, from diving the open seas to riding open roads together and through a lot of changes in our personal lives.

And every time I rode with her in the States, I would come across fellow riders that would ask me about motorcycle gear I was wearing that seemed to be unavailable in the US. And so the idea began to take root of starting a company that would bring a selection of boutique products across the Atlantic from Europe.

Finally in March of this year, the timing was right. I had a few partnerships with great gear companies and we laid the first stone and created EUnique. We’re excited to offer the gear we use and love and we’re looking forward to meeting our future clients.  The ride has been great so far and we’ve got some great roads ahead.

May all your days be EUnique.

Co-founder, Paris & EU rider.

Chris Dauray