P.A.C.A. Road Trip - Day 1

[P.A.C.A. = Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur]

Photos by Laurent Viard


Mid-May: spring is late in Paris & the surrounding areas, so we and seven buddies from the Virage8 motorbike club are in Avignon, ready to embark on a 6-day ride throughout Provence. Here, down in the southeast part of France, the sun is out and the sky is blue.

Sunday May 15th, our group of 8 riders - led by EUNIQUE's co-founder JB - is heading towards Uzès, then Alès, going up the Napoleon route to Florac, to then go down the Cévennes mountains and stop in Sainte-Enimie for a lunch break.

It’s then time to hit the road again through Les Gorges du Tarn (The Tarn River Canyon) down to Millau, and finally Montpellier, our home for the night.

A total of four geographic departments, 350 kilometers and 6 hours of riding - a great way to start this 1800 kilometer ride throughout one of France’s most beautiful regions.