P.A.C.A. Road Trip - Day 3

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, 9AM on Tuesday May 17th: Gentlemen, start your engines!

Third day of our road-trip, breakfast at 8AM. I brief the group about the day’s trip, destination, warnings, tourist info, then we depart at 9AM. The group is more solid than ever, a bunch of grown-up kids eager to go out and play again!

Weather conditions remain unchanged, no clouds, piercing sun and the blue sky mixes up with the turquoise blue of the Sainte-Croix lake where we first stop. Bauduen, village glued to the rock with its feet in the lake, then complete tour of the lake, then open roads again up towards Digne-Les-Bains. This town is the gateway to some great south-of-France ski resorts.

We stop for lunch before carrying on for the second lake of the day (!), Serre-Ponçon: the largest man-made lake in Europe. Once again, we ride around it, shooting pictures from different angles, before going back down through Savines-le-Lac in the Parc des Ecrins region and ending our day in Barcelonnette, right in the heart of the Alpes du Sud.

A beautiful half moon was with us all afternoon, alongside the onmipresent sunshine. All the surrounding peaks are covered with snow; once again, I feel that this is a privileged moment - beautiful roads, gorgeous landscape and great company.

Photos by Laurent Viard