Testimonial 3 - ​Cara B.

"These pants are the most comfortable ones I own and I can ride with confidence knowing they are protecting me so well...they are also by far the most stylish motorcycle pants I have as well, when off my bike I don't worry about how I look as they look just like normal pants!! Love love love them so much!"

Cara B.

Chris Dauraybolidster
Testimonial 2 - Ed S.

“My BOLID’STERs are so comfortable, more comfortable than my well-worn blue jeans...I just love my BOLID’STER Jean’sters. The comfort level is off the charts and they breath like regular denim. Glad to know I have extra protection if I need it.”

Ed S.

Chris Dauraybolidster
Testimonial 1 - Will B.

"...for the Jean'ster, I am blown away!  These are made so well, comfortable, and stylish.  These friggin' rock dude!  Will definitely pick up some more for myself in the future and spread the word to my fellow riders."

Will B.

Chris Dauraybolidster